Some self-confidence issue

I have a feeling that my friends are totally annoyed by me and tired of always doing things with me, even though I don’t hang out with them for weeks at a time.
Or maybe I’m looking into what they think of me too much – that they just don’t think much about me at all.
Or maybe it’s posts like this that alienate me in the first place.


    1. But I don’t think I’m annoying. Like I said, I don’t hang out with these people often. When I do, things are cool. I don’t think asking friends what’s up once in a while counts as annoying. I just get the feeling that they do get annoyed by my quite infrequent questions and that’s unjustified.

      1. Someone mentioned that during normal conversations a certain “jeffrey” talked as if he were on AIM or something and they found that very annoying. I think they meant you, but not sure…

  1. Hey dude I totally lost my cell phone over the weekend and didn’t get your message til later D:
    I still can’t find it — but I would’a invited you!

  2. Eh, I wouldn’t worry about it. I don’t think anyone stops being friends with a person because of who they are, it’s more about what they do. I consider you my friend even though you are completely bat shit nutty.

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