An essay introduction for Alby

John Locke was a Locke that was named John from the planet Earth on which people with the last name of Locke and also with the first name of John reside.

While presumably male, his name was one that people would use for eons of history. It has been said that John revolutionized the way people see others who also carry the name of John, while often given the last name of Locke.

The author recalls meeting a man named John, although it is unknown as to whether he carried the last name of Locke. There is probably a very low possibility that this man was the John Locke in question, who would carry the same name as he yet appear as a different entity. Such is the mystery of the man who we call John Locke.

In this essay I will attempt to bridge the path between John Locke and his historical influence on the world, through a dissertation of his many endeavours and experiences. We will get to know John Locke as he was: a man on this planet Earth who changed it into the world we know today: one that now remembers John Locke and all of his expeditions into the field of humanity.

How is it, Alby needs to make it 20 pages.


I know you all wanted to invite me to do totally amazing wild stuff this entire weekend because I’m such a popular dude who parties all the time and has a whole lot of friends, but I’m heading up to the Bay Area for the weekend. There I will probably do not much more than homework and getting a few things I left that I need. But it’ll be nice anyway!

In other news I have started taking daily self-portraits. Some people have done this sort of thing for decades and I want to see how long I can do something like that. As you can see though I need to find some sort of method where I can set the camera up so it takes the same sort of picture every day but I don’t have a tripod, nor do I have any blank walls. Oh well I’ll work on it if I care to continue doing it.

See y’all then.


More dirty clothes problems guys thanks for putting up with my incessant questions!

So I’m a big rice milk drinker but I thought I’d mix it up a bit and go wacky with some soy milk instead so I’m taking the carton out of the wellness fridge and I open it up and it fucking! sprays all over me.

I think it’s like retribution for never drinking it before but either way I’m all covered with soy milk but I’m like oh, it’ll be okay, at least it’s not real milk that’ll curdle and make me smell like a garbages. Or will it!

So what do you think guys should I spend the rest of the day wearing this shirt that has dots of soy milk all over it or should I change and wear another one because I don’t know if I’ll become all sticky and amazingly awful smelling or whatever.

edit these last two posts make it look like my question mark button is broken?????

Oh man!!!!!!

So I found this hat the other day and I put it in my backpack to take it home and wash it but now it’s like ugh whoops I forgot to throw it in the wash which is why I decided to wash my clothes today in the first place!!! And I noticed it right when I was taking everything back to my room don’t you hate when that happens!!!

Is anyone here at Porter doing laundry today and if so can I throw my new hat in your stuff please.