More dirty clothes problems guys thanks for putting up with my incessant questions!
So I’m a big rice milk drinker but I thought I’d mix it up a bit and go wacky with some soy milk instead so I’m taking the carton out of the wellness fridge and I open it up and it fucking! sprays all over me.
I think it’s like retribution for never drinking it before but either way I’m all covered with soy milk but I’m like oh, it’ll be okay, at least it’s not real milk that’ll curdle and make me smell like a garbages. Or will it!
So what do you think guys should I spend the rest of the day wearing this shirt that has dots of soy milk all over it or should I change and wear another one because I don’t know if I’ll become all sticky and amazingly awful smelling or whatever.
edit these last two posts make it look like my question mark button is broken?????


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