New song

Hannah and I were sitting around at our respective laptops and she and I decided to do some composing. Thought of a nice chord progression to start it off… the piece went from there. There’s usually one element that drives the piece, and it’s usually either the beat, the melody, or the chord progression. This’s pretty much RPG-ish music.


  1. not bad. yes, very rpg-ish, but in a good way.
    i like the dynamics in the beginning, i wish there were more throughout the piece
    the melody feels a little arpeggio-rific at times, but i enjoyed it for the most part, especially the use of major 7ths and such.
    cool stuff. what’d you use?

  2. Awesome RPG cut scene stuff. Nobuo Uematsu in the house. I dig the drums. The hard panning kind of overexposes the string samples — it’s a cool claustrophobic kind of effect at the beginning but it would be really nice if as new string parts came in they fell into more conventional symphonic positions, it would sound like this massive opening up of physical space. The articulation on the lead is a little weird sometimes, but that’s nitpicky shit. Maybe toss some reverb on it.
    Music is goooooood….

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