I'm behind

Ling 116 – Semantics II
Ling 80D – Chomsky’s Language and Mind
Psych 65 – Intro to Humanist Psychology
For some reason it feels as if all these classes are pretty much about the same thing.
And I wasn’t able to get into Morphology, so I’m behind on my major and I’m at risk of not graduating in Spring 2007. I’ll try crashing into it but who knows what’ll happen!


  1. I heard the professor teaching humanistic psych is pretty good. I would have wanted to take that class, but having since decided on the intensive major, I feel as though I can’t waste time taking all the cooler lower-div classes anymore. Still, I’d like to know more about humanistic psych. I’ve only had a sample of what it’s about in intro psych. =)

    1. I loved taking Human Sexuality for its psych content, and my own philosophy is Humanist. Not that I would want to major in either Psych or Phil, but this seems like a perfect mix for me.

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