I'm all about OS customization but

I’m thinking maybe Windows should require that you keep its pre-installed fonts in the FONTS folder. I uh, removed them and now everything’s totally messed. Weird!


  1. I installed Vista this weekend side-by-side with Kubuntu. (my previous Arch Linux install was going bad as the rolling updates broke an ever-larger number of things I didn’t feel like getting around to fixing)
    I realized that really I only care about the apps at this point, and not about customization. As long as the OS doesn’t get in the way it really shouldn’t matter what’s going on with things like fonts; if there are too many clicks, too many things to configure, too many broken items, it’s getting in the way. But if you can use your apps, be productive, turn the computer off, and bring it all back safely, it’s fine. Ubuntu(plus Automatix) has so far gotten in the way less, but so long as I accept having Windows yell at me for doing something wrong every two seconds it’s not so bad either.

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