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Hi fellow geeks, I have a dilemma.
My dad got me an iPod charger/FM transmitter for my birthday, worth $70. Here’s the problem, though: I don’t need it! I use an audio tape adapter in my car instead, and I can always charge/sync from my laptop… so we went to CompUSA to return it.
While I was in CompUSA looking for a replacement present worth around the same amount, though… it hit me.
I didn’t need ANYTHING in the entire store! I looked at mice, keyboards, PDA accessories, laptop accessories, games, printers, CDs/DVDs, hard drives, cell phone accessories, etc. etc… I either already had it, didn’t need it, or didn’t want it. I tried my hardest to look for stuff I might like but definitely don’t need… just really unnecessary but cool stuff I could use… and I was completely unsuccessful.
Then I went home and jumped onto ThinkGeek… a few low-priced items caught my eye, like this key-shaped multi-tool and some neat lights… I dunno. I might get one or two of those, but I’m just not very enthusiastic about anything.
So my request, for you geeks out there: recommend to me some cool geeky electronics priced around $70. I’ll probably just end up keeping the money and using it for games or, uh, food and rent. But if anyone can recommend something extra cool I’ll go for it!!!


  1. If I had 70 dollars to spend on geeky stuff, I’d probably get new fans for my computer, or maybe use that and save up for a new motherboard. You could get the tool set at CompUSA, i bought it and it always come in handy. You can get a shiny new game, like F.E.A.R. or the new Call of Duty. Or you can just blow it all on food and stuff like you said.

    1. Hmm… that would be a good idea, although for me, buying a new motherboard also means buying a new processor, new memory, a new video card, new peripherals, new hard drives, etc. etc. And also I mostly use my newer laptop instead of my desktop (which also has more than enough ventilation).
      Good ideas, though. I was definitely thinking of games myself, but I think my dad has different ideas for the money…

      1. That’s the dark art of capitolism! You can buy whatever your dreams desire, even love! Don’t believe me? Look at Donald Trump’s woman. You think she likes him because of his haircut?

  2. If you dont have one, I’d say get a nice watch or a good pair of sun glasses. Useful things like that tend to be overlooked. A good coat could be got for around that price as well. I’ll look around and see what cool geeks stuff is out there, but honestly, I’d say get something useful. Got to REI and look around.

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