For those who haven't been paying attention to ucsc

The 3rd Annual Porter Video Game tourney is today! More details here:

But more importantly, I’ll be hosting a station for the duration of the event. I’ll be running the following:

3:00 – PaRappa the Rapper Score Tournament
6:00 – DDRMAX – Dance Dance Revolution Bracketed Tournament (3 difficulties)
9:00 – in the groove Battle Tournament

Free Play:
Guitar Hero
beatmania IIDX, 3rd through 9th style
Um Jammer Lammy
PaRappa the Rapper 2

Special Tournament:
12:00 – Shadow of the Colossus Time Attack Tournament

And probably a separate We Love Katamari station, hopefully playing throughout the entire event.
It’s at the Porter dining hall, so anyone around the area come and partake!

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