~*a letter to grandpa*~

Hi Joe,
I’m sorry I didn’t send any word about my summer or my year at school until now. The past few weeks have been quite busy, and different from any college experience I’ve had so far.
I’ll start off with my summer first, though… my sister and I spent 3 weeks with the house to ourselves as my dad and stepmom went on a vacation to Europe, visiting France, Romania, and former Yugoslavian territory. We did a great job, keeping the pets happy, maintaining the house, and in the later half, me driving Lily to school every day. It was great to know that we could work together like that. We also saw a lot of Mom and her boyfriend Stephen, and that went well too. I felt as if I could keep everyone happy, while spending time with them and being the official “supervisor” of Lily, too.
As you know, I was an intern at Sun, helping with web design and product testing. It was a great experience, albeit monotonous and often boring. I could definitely see myself working in an office setting like that, though… as an actual employee I’d probably be more than an errand boy, but who knows.
My actual course of study in school doesn’t really point me in this direction, though, and like I said, I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to be doing with Linguistics when I get out of college. But with my past experience and current skills, there should be a lot of openings for me in the future. Who knows – I might even get into law, or some related field. I’m only starting on my Linguistics studies this year even though I’m a third-year in college… the next two years will be hectic, but I think I can handle it. My classes so far are interesting and easy for me to understand – and already I’ve had many questions answered that have been in my mind for a long time.
But speaking about my future, I’ve already been offered a position at a company that makes ringtones for cell phones. I’m not completely sure if I’ve landed the job, but if I do get it, it should be very fun. In the past I’ve used my musical talents to transcribe popular music onto the computer, and that’s just what I’d be doing, but sticking the tunes on cell phones instead. It would pay really well, too.
In addition to spending my time with academics and a possible job, my social life is another big factor. Last year I was given moderator priveleges of the UC Santa Cruz community on LiveJournal, a popular blogging (web-logging, journal-keeping) website with an emphasis on communication between members. So I help facilitate communication between UCSC students, both new and returning. Even though I’m not part of any official orientation group (of which there are many) that helps welcome and help new students, I’m doing just that on my own. Around my dorm I’m trying to help people with computer problems before they bring their machine to the campus network people – I don’t trust them, with good reason.
So I’ve made a bunch of new friends this year. Doing a lot more things with them. Having a lot of fun. But most notable is my friend Stephanie, with whom I’ve hung out in the past year but am much more intimate this year. We’re both “nerds,” with me spending hours on the computer and her having an ever-growing knowledge of movies, but that’s just part of what makes us click. We’re also helping each other with our own little neuroses – she’s spiritual, me not as much, she’s emotional, I’m quite unaffected… we’re really introducing a lot of balance into each other’s lives. She’s making this year the most memorable of all.
I’m trying to think of what else is happening… I’ve got a room to myself even though I’m still in the dorms, I’m finishing up classes for my music major, I’m helping out with the campus television station (although I don’t really watch much TV, myself), a lot of my friends from back home have started school here and I’m hanging out with them… just lots of good stuff. Life’s full. I’m probably happier than I’ve been for as long as I can remember.
So that’s it for now. As always I hope things are well with you. Last we spoke you were having serious eye problems – I hope those are resolved soon, one way or another. Write back; tell me about what’s happening in your community. Next summer I’m thinking of heading east, to see my family in New York. If this happens I’ll keep you posted – it’d be great to see you again. I hope to hear back from you soon.


    1. Er… well that’d probably be his response as well, then. He’s not very Technologic. Oh well, it’s the thought of “hey my grandson is saying cute things” that counts.

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