I guess I'll elaborate since it's over

When I started working at Sun, I started getting massive paychecks. Like, I got paid a good amount even before I started working. (I think I’ll leave specific figures out of this if I can.) Last year throughout school I continued to get paychecks for a whole lot more than I was working – but it had to do SOMETHING with the amount that I was working, since if I put in a lot of hours, I got more money. I was getting paid more per hour than I was supposed to plus a base amount, or SOMETHING like that. I could never figure it out.
I did inform my boss and payroll about it, though. A few times. I never got any reply back about it. No one really looked into it.
Once I started working full-time this summer, though, ironically, they began to pay me the correct amount. So I was getting paid less than I used to, for more hours. Well, who was I to complain…
But now, after asking payroll to issue a stop payment on a check I never got, and to re-issue it, someone must have FINALLY checked my pay history and noticed that something was wrong… so I got an email today asking me to send back a giant amount of money that I was paid over the last year.
I’m being optimistic… I never really earned that money in the first place, and I’m glad that I simply had a job in the first place that still paid really well… in addition, I don’t really talk about this too often but I do have quite a lot more money in the stock markets, so I’m quite financially stable. I’ve still got an okay amount of spending money left.
What’s more, I’m pretty conservative with my money. If I don’t see anything I really want, I don’t buy anything. Probably because I’m Jewish. Because I was getting paid so much, I did take a bunch of my friends out to dinner on a few separate occasions, though, and I did buy a modded PS2 and a PSP… but afterwards, I still had a lot left that I didn’t know what to do with. I was thinking of putting a lot of it back in the stock markets, actually. Oh well.
But… damn. It came as a shock and basically knocked the wind out of me when I found out how much I owed them. I’ve got to double-check to see if it’s really that much. Fun while it lasted.


  1. Go talk to Payroll again and see if your boss remembers you mentioning it. If he remembers, you might be able to get them to reduce the amount you owe them since you tried to get it fixed before.

  2. Tell them to fuck themselves.
    But if you want to keep your job, maybe in better words.
    Thats totally wrong and unfair.
    If nothing else works (and try hard!) tell them to take a small deduction from your paychecks to cover it.

    1. How is it totally wrong and unfair? Sure, they made a mistake, but it was money that I didn’t work for.
      BTW, my contract ended last week so I don’t work for them anymore anyway.

  3. you shoukd just keep the money, it’s their fault, you TOLD them they were dumbasses, they didn’t listen, and now at the last minute they’re like “Oh, you’re right, I did shit my pants, so give me a new diaper NOW. kthxbye” ?
    it’s not your fault, you apparently informed them MULTIPLE times.. so wtf. no.
    keep it. if you have to have a good reason for keeping it, keep it because they’re too dumb to figure out their own money system. or hey, tell them you’ll do more work for them, but you’re not giving the money back.

    1. You realize this is more of a legal thing than a moral thing, right?
      This is a LOT of money and I can’t just go “oh well sorry about that” and run. It might be theft.

      1. theft? like, me giving you 5 bucks and then saying, “hey, wait, you didn’t earn that, give it back?” even though at the time i was giving it to you, you were saying “are you sure you want to give this to me? because i don’t think you mean to give this to me. i might not deserve it.”
        i mean, even morally you should probably give it back, but oh my god, they should let you keep it for dealing with their stupidity.

        1. This was a mistake on their part. Part of the mistake was ignoring me.
          You really have no idea what you’re talking about if you’re comparing this to someone lending 5 dollars.

          1. how could i have an idea when you keep saying “a lot” blah blah blah or “this much” whatever and aren’t being specific? when you’re little, 5 dollars is a lot of money, okay?!

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