But seriously

In response to Nintendo’s new innovative approach to video game controllers, Sony released the final design of their DualShock 3 controller for the PlayStation 3:


      1. hey you wanker
        this is actualy an awesome controller, you made it look like nintendo run by some sort of idiots that dont know anything about making games and marketing games and what type of games gamers want to buy or something

          1. Dude, If I rotated you 90 degrees and put it on the internet and tried to sell it to a lot of small japanese people, there would be a lot of buzz too!

    1. I don’t know. Doesn’t seem too dumb to me. Sure, the analog controller and the rest of the buttons are separate, but you still hold it basically like you would any other controller.

  1. the idea behind the controller is that most movements can be controlled by motion sensors, and hand gestures. this provides analog features for many functions that can’t even be done on normal controllers.
    imagine actually swinging the sword in a Zelda game.
    and actually punching, blocking, and dodging in a fighting game.
    the shown extention is for directional movement in things like adventures and FPSs.

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