Back to school checklist

I put up a very, VERY comprehensive (and also quite embarassing!) checklist of stuff I’m planning on bringing to school. I basically don’t want to forget anything and make sure I have enough room to bring everything, so… yeah. Might also help you remember some things to bring.
Checklist 2005 (.doc)


  1. wow i had to hit escape really quickly to get here so that i wouldnt be redirected to your website, not that i dont like your website.
    i just wanted to apologize if i offended you in the community, that was not my intent but i got the feeling you were offended. again i apologize.

  2. Seems like you’re bringing more than me…but maybe that’s because I didn’t make a list quite that detailed. Damn, I forgot dress shirt #2! 😛
    Good thing you’re having a super single, though.

    1. Hehehe. That one dress shirt is feeling very distraught that it’s only #2.
      And what is that last remark supposed to mean? Good thing I don’t have a roommate to put up with me??!!?!? Is that it?!?!?!!?

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