Ahahaha. I’ve been playing FF7 on my PC and I followed the dating guide for Barret. Just went through the scene.
Barret asks Cloud if he wants to go on a walk. They head toward Event Square, and the guy who usually says “you’re our 100th couple!” says “oh, you’re not a couple.” And the entire stage scene is skipped. Then Barret asks Cloud if they can go somewhere to talk in private, and you head to Round Square for the fireworks scene. Barret then asks Cloud why he wanted to take him on the ride, and why he wouldn’t take Aeris or Tifa, or even Yuffie. Then Barret mentions Marlene for some reason and gets really pissed off about Cloud taking interest in Marlene. Then he starts cursing out the fireworks and starts shooting his gun-arm to try to mute out the sound.
It’s a really funny scene. I’ve got a save file for before I get Yuffie – if I’m really bored I might go through the entire process trying to go out with her, too. 😛


          1. itt you work at an ad agency and like dido after hearing her on your starbucks chilled out cd that you bought with your double mocha frappucino while wearing your banana republic chinos and express for men 1mx shirt

  1. Do you have a save from before the date with Barret?
    I wanted to do it once, but I forgot it, or never played further, or something like that.

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