Recap of Fanime

I killed a man.
But seriously it was nice. I already talked about it in IRC so here’s what I said.
<JeffreyAtW> fuck
<brewk> oh yeah?
<JeffreyAtW> I mean, I am back from Fanime 🙂
<Noser> Jeff: how’s things
<JeffreyAtW> I spoke at the webcomics panel
<Noser> was it scary?
<JeffreyAtW> No
<IanJ> you spoke?
<IanJ> about CAR?
<JeffreyAtW> I spoke about webcomics in general
<Noser> what were you doing on the panel
<JeffreyAtW> Well, the panel was comprised of some guy who makes “Neko Machi” and some girl who makes this keenspace comic
<Noser> ah
<JeffreyAtW> And so they were like uh, “anyone else make a comic?”
<JeffreyAtW> And I had a freaky lot to say so I’m like “what the hell”
<JeffreyAtW> so it was me, those two, and this guy dressed as a red mage who makes a keenspace sprite comic
<Noser> so was the talk well-received?
<JeffreyAtW> I really was the only one who said anything worthwhile
<JeffreyAtW> Yes it was, people really enjoyed it
<Noser> did the others THINK they said worthwhile things?
<Noser> or was it unanimous?
<Sketchee> Did keenspace get a surge of new joins now
<JeffreyAtW> I dunno, they really didn’t say too much outside of what their comic was about
<JeffreyAtW> I talked about different media in webcomics, backlogs, Blank Label, Keentoons…
<JeffreyAtW> Uh, hmm
<Noser> did you mention any of us?
<JeffreyAtW> Swearing in comics, subject matter (lowbrow/highbrow humor)
<Noser> did you plug FINT?
<JeffreyAtW> I mentioned RPG World a few times as an example of what happens when you’re not having fun making your comic 🙂
<JeffreyAtW> Although in good spirits.
<IanJ> haha
<IanJ> 😀
<JeffreyAtW> But I talked about having fun as the #1 thing for webcomics
<JeffreyAtW> If you’re not having fun, don’t do it
<JeffreyAtW> We also talked about syndication
<JeffreyAtW> Talked about Scott Kurtz and his plan, and Tatsuya Ishida
<Noser> plan?
<JeffreyAtW> Giving PvP to papers for free
<JeffreyAtW> Talked about Keenspot in papers… talked about people making new groups like BoC and Blank Label
<Noser> Boc?
<JeffreyAtW> bagofchips
<Noser> did the other panelists get into what you were saying?
<JeffreyAtW> Also, I got drunk off some vodka and made fun of a lot of people
<JeffreyAtW> Noser: yes
<Noser> was the vodka during or after the panel?
<JeffreyAtW> They agreed, they didn’t have too much to add, but it was cool
<JeffreyAtW> it was the night before.
<Noser> ah.
<JeffreyAtW> I didn’t have a hangover but I was really bitter anyway.
<Sketchee> Did you plug your comic
<JeffreyAtW> We all mentioned our comics.
<JeffreyAtW> someone in the audience used to read Let’s Dancing.
<Noser> wow
<Noser> Any other con highlights to talk aboot?
<PFunk> Someone read Let’s Dancing?
<Sketchee> I thought I was the only one
<JeffreyAtW> Hmm… I tried going to the Yaoi showing
<JeffreyAtW> but instead they had some yaoi-themed game show
<Noser> huh?
<JeffreyAtW> I wanted to watch Boku no Sexual Harassment 🙁
<Noser> why was the yaoi show canned?
<PFunk> Good taste?
<Noser> and why did you want to go?
<JeffreyAtW> It wasn’t, it was just delayed for 3 hours
<PFunk> That’s the better question, Noser.
<JeffreyAtW> I wanted to go cuz I had nothing else do to and all my other friends decided to go
<JeffreyAtW> The hentai room was right next to it so I checked that out too
<JeffreyAtW> Uncle-Niece sex abound!
<Sketchee> Suuure
<Noser> were there any hot or hilarious cosplayers?
<JeffreyAtW> Hmm I didn’t go to the Cosplay show this year
<Sketchee> Did you take pictures
<JeffreyAtW> Also didn’t take any pictures of cosplayers
<JeffreyAtW> But hmm…
<JeffreyAtW> Nothing TOO amazing… there was no King of Cosmos
<JeffreyAtW> I really should have done that…
<JeffreyAtW> There was another transformer
<JeffreyAtW> whose costume comes off and turns into a car 😮
<JeffreyAtW> Some guy in this armored lizardman costume with a wagging tail and everything, pretty neat
<Noser> lizardmen wag?
<Sketchee> Was there anyone there we know? Like a special guest of the con or something
<JeffreyAtW> Well their tails move
<Sketchee> A Japanese person
<DubDrawing> What con was this Jeff?
<JeffreyAtW> Fanime @ San Jose
<JeffreyAtW> they had shitty IIDX controllers in the console gaming room, so I replaced them with my own
<JeffreyAtW> oh and there was this big Fanime rave dance thing
<JeffreyAtW> and they were playing Paul Oakenfold and the StarFox techno remix
<JeffreyAtW> 🙁
Hmm… additionally, stayed in a hotel room with Sophie James Colin Carlin Elliott Geoff Paolo, brought my PS2 and played a bunch of SNES emulation, played DDR drunk (yes I got tipsy, not a first, fyi), ate at cool restaurants (check jeffreyatw_food soon), and promised to kill anyone wearing a hug me sign… and okay, I didn’t. There’s always next year!


    1. Yeah, actually the original controller was owned by Chris (from Starbase) and he admits that it’s sorta crappy. I talked to the staff there and to Chris too so it’s all good.

          1. I remember when you moded one of the controllers here, just to show 80’s what you did to make it work better, and then we played, and I sucked, and it was good. I understand that the yaoi game was some sort of bingo, or something to that effect. Anyway, I still need to go one of these years, but I never know about it until it’s after the fact.

          2. Oh come on I totally mentioned Fanime a few times.
            And yeah, it was like “what’s behind door number 3” with “bishounen” instead. I don’t know.

  1. It was good to have you on the webcomic panel. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing there, really. FYI, I just like some sprite comics, I don’t make them. A drawn comic is much more appealing.
    …and no, nothing I said was worthwhile, I’ll admit it.

      1. its ok, his costume wasn’t that good.
        I really wanted to see the guys dressed up as the princes that they kept showing on the tv moniters around the con 🙁

  2. yay for Fanime! I didn’t get to go to that Slug meeting we arranged ‘cuz I was watching a movie but I did see a couple of people from school in the dealer’s room

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