There’s nothing more pleasing than walking into a class, realizing you’re about to take a midterm and you totally forgot about it, then taking it and aceing it.


  1. Been there before. One time I was taking a music class, and I completely forgot that I had a test on that very day. To make matters worse, I didn’t study for it. Fortunately, it was a test to identify notes, and I because I have perfect pitch (in piano that is), I aced the test. But I will never forget what my teacher said. When he found out I have perfect pitch, he said, “you have a problem.” I didn’t get it, so he told me that if I were to play a different instrument, my perfect pitch wouldn’t work or apply to it.

    1. Heh, actually this was a music quiz too. Theory, though – not ear training.
      In fact, we have many ear-training quizzes throughout the year, and while people often slave away at studying them, I don’t study at all – same here, perfect pitch at all.
      I feel really bad about it but I always get the best grade in the class. :\
      On that note, time to go to ear training…

    2. But about the “you have a problem” remark – I totally agree. I think I DO have a problem – namely, the inability to learn about this the same way everyone else does, and approaching it a different way. Of course, my way is much more efficient, but when it comes to learning how to discern pitch, there are a lot of bits of info that other people learn that I simply don’t care to pay attention to… so I’m often left in the dark when it comes to terminology, or other similar methods I might not be as good at. Get what I mean?
      It’s often very annoying to be so good. 😛

      1. Agreed there…
        Perfect pitch + keyboard can be annoying, say, when your band wants to lower the whole song by a semitone or something like that…  Keyboardists w/o perfect pitch will simply set the transpose amount of the keyboard to -1 semitone and be happy.  Keyboardists w/ perfect pitch, OTOH, are likely to be baffled by the discrepancy between the key they’re plaing and the pitch they hear.  Often, they find it easier to play the song in the different key and change their fingering — way harder than just setting the transpose amount. _-_

  2. Or like, today, when I thought I had a ton of homework due, but I was so tired yesterday that I didn’t do any of it and just went to sleep… Then it turned out my AP Lit hw was pretty optional, my PreCalc homework didn’t matter, and neither did my AP Studio art. Hurray!

  3. I don’t have perfect pitch, maybe perfect relative pitch, or just a “good ear” — i learn music by ear though, which is why sight reading is sooooooooo hard.
    lol. your icon is a peanut dog with a weed growing out it’s ass.
    sorry, just had to point that out. 😛 cute.

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