The hilarity continues

Following this dramatic turn of events:

This was pinned to my board this morning. It had 4 tracks:
Debbie Deb – When I Hear Music
Liz Phair – Flower
3 Little Women – Playas Gon’ Play
Matt Nathanson – Laid
Wahaha. It’s probably some goons down the hall. Hilarity.


      1. Yes, but they’re still goons. ‘Goon’ being the operative word here.
        But if you’d rather be targetted by goons than girls, that’s your business. Good luck either way.

        1. It’s terminology. I’m an SA goon. “Goon” doesn’t mean “stupid,” it merely means you paid 10 bucks to be able to post in Something Awful’s forums.

          1. Aha! I wasn’t going by stupid, awkward, oafish slur goon… I was going by hired goon- ‘a thug hired to intimidate or harm opponents’ or ‘an aggressive and violent young criminal’. I visit SA on Tuesdays and Phridays and was sort of taking your affiliation into account. Ten bucks or not, I deem the SA goons are closer to my definition of goon than with yours… Which is why I was curious when you stated that they had brains like it was a positive thing… especially when they’re spending some time on this.

          2. Actually, that’s not quite correct. You pay to try to post there successfully, and if you don’t get banned you’re still a goon and can claim to be part of the SA “community.”
            At one time I considered paying that price just to see the rest of the forums, but at some point I realized that big, unfocused online communities tend to lack for wisdom; they end up being empty as a result, and so I decided it would be a waste of time and money to prove that to be the case again. A big community can be “smart” with adequate censorship but prevailing tendencies are inevitably towards kneejerk, semi-brainwashed responses to all things. This is true anywhere, whether it’s Slashdot or GameFAQs or whatever, and especially when you hit on a “big topic” of that community. Once one filters out all the noise and “crowd effect,” there isn’t a whole lot there. It’s the people that do only one thing well that tend to have the most interesting content, if you can get into that content.
            So all I do now is pop by the top threads of such places now and then so as to gain an idea of what their flavor of the week is. It’s usually vanilla.

          3. For a long while I was using Torrentbits for that. I usually got new stuff faster than my roommate could from those “private” ones. Then it went down. I haven’t really bothered finding a replacement since.

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