That means no meat or seafood. Salad, pasta, cheese, bread, cookies, soda, and the like are all fair game. Wish me and my digestive system luck, I’ll need it.

20 thoughts on “Blorgf”

      1. Interesting that you would bring that up, since no one finds Garfield funny…
        If your going to go the whole *college* vegetarian* crash course, at least go all out and pick your own food. That would be really earthy! Besides, I’d like to see someone live off of hippy rhubard for a week…
        I’ve been a doing what your proposing for week for 6 years now-you digestive system is going to be fine. Did you lose a bet or what?

  1. Are you cutting out all non-vegetarian products as well?
    In other words, gelatin and other “hidden” ingredients (like Chicken Fat as the 30th ingredient in a package of rice)?

  2. Little tip for your first week-long binge: Don’t try to compensate for your meatlessness by eating soy meat substitutes. You will be hugely disappointed and want to give up. Instead just eat vegetarian meals you already liked, and make up some cool new ones.

      1. Actually, I wasn’t discouraging the consumption of soy products. I was warning that eating soy as a meat substitute can be very frustrating for a beginner vegetarian.
        Though, I am interested in seeing that article, if you’ve got it.

  3. okay, being a vegetarian for a week is not hard. I don’t eat that much meat, but I certainly appreciate it when I do.
    being vegan… now that would be a challenge
    can’t go without my cheese

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