So, resolutions. I make resolutions all year round. Whenever I’m given some sort of pep talk I usually try to change things. When someone calls me something I actually take it into consideration. But since I take part in your pithy Gregorian calendar (HOGWASH!), I’ll conform – FOR NOW – and list some things I’d like to get done by next year.

  • I don’t want anyone to think of me as “that sarcastic guy,” or “asshole.” (I have never tried this before.)
  • I want to branch out, get into situations where I might experience people I might not like and try to make friends. (I have never tried this before.)
  • I want to actively search out a girlfriend, while still trying to remain my truthful, and truthfully uncultured self. (I have never tried this before.)
    So basically I’m focusing outward instead of inward this year. I’m starting out happy, fulfilled, and confident, and it’s time to face the world.
    And I might even really push myself and get others to push me to do these sorts of things. Like, set up some sort of self-discipline where I kick my ass really hard if I decline some sort of social event. Perhaps by the end of the year I’ll be less self-conscious and realize I’ve been making a fool of myself all along, and trying to introduce my goofy self to new people isn’t going to change that fact. 😛

  • OH AND I’M GOING TO CHANGE MY SITE’S GODAWFUL DESIGN! (yes i have tried this before ;_;)

    1. Those are neat goals, but it would have been way more cool and funny to use words like “battle,” “adventure,” and “destiny.”
      Seriously, I’ve always thought of you as being pretty outward; not like, ALL the time, but you certainly don’t mind the odd spot of attention. I don’t think you’ll have trouble finding what you’re looking for, if it’s what you’re after.
      I am too unpredictable to ever be totally sure of what I want, but I am usually most comfortable in the background 🙂

    2. “Perhaps by the end of the year I’ll be less self-conscious”
      As outward as you are, you are the last person I thought was self-conscious. But yes those seem like some good resolutions, too bad I don’t really do those for the fact that I can never gaurantee what the future holds.

      1. Yes, uh, I do like to think I’m conscious of how I appear to others. Yes, even you. But of course I have anxiety like anyone else about stuff like that, and often it affects what I decide to do to meet other people.
        This year I don’t CARE what the future holds in terms of meeting new people. That’s how I was last year, I didn’t take any risks, and of course, it got me nowhere. Now I’m ready to trek into territory unknown to myself, and just like I said before, I like drama now and then, if that happens.

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