Hooray nerd

I passed Master’s Mode [7k]!
1 AAA, 25 AA, 43 A, 12 B, 7 C, 1 D.
Had to use only one potion on MAX 300.
Do you know what that means it means I am a master at beatmania IIDX 7-key yes it does!


  1. Dude, didn’t you hear? Potion-use officially disqualifies you from being a MASTER. Says so right at the beginning, in the “how to play” section. So, I’m afraid that you won’t be recieving your hand-chiseled IIDX Master Plaque officially commemorating your success straight from Konami HQ.
    Seriously though, great job. Max 300 is a psycho bitch. I’ve considered playing through Master’s Mode on Another, but by the time I get around to doing that 9th Style will be out and the impetus to continue will be long gone, y’know? Also my PS2 is busted right now.

  2. Dancing Baby, Who are you
    I’m the dancing baby.
    I love to move around.
    Mrs. Botalico, where are you after all these empty years? Will you fan my brow?

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