Internet Language Update

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this one, not at ALL. NONE.

If you have ever roleplayed on a non-RP forum, using lines such as:

*pokes [someone] with [something] of [antonym of “life”]*
*is a fucking retard*

Yes, this IS called roleplaying, and yes, you ARE a total LOSER and should LEAVE THE INTERNET FOREVER.


35 thoughts on “Internet Language Update”

              1. Yeah, I’d say it is. It’s a lot like a giant forum, with communities open to anyone posting, and private forums for individual use, and replies.
                So yeah, none of that here! >:O

  1. *thinks that Jeffrey’s stupid preaching got old a really long time ago and no longer discerns any humor or insight from it*
    *thinks Jeffrey’s rottel-the-Mercury Beatmania icon is annoying*

      1. I’m surprised and elated that you didn’t respond to that in an internet-y way.
        I still think you need to work on a new act, or at least get a little more pang in these posts. It wasn’t searing enough to incite funny-ness like they used to be.
        I think I would probably go about this one with something like: “Look, we know you’re not actually hugging me, asshole, and if you were, you’d most likely have a restraining order on your ass sooner than you could type *gives puppy dog eyes.*”
        But that’s just me ;)

        1. Oh, when I actually talk to these people I try to act as serious as possible. It’s really great.
          This one guy was saying how my r-t-M icon was giving him epilepsy, and then I got really serious and told him that people don’t GET epilepsy, and it’s not a laughing matter. And he was really apologetic. :P
          Also, I don’t put any effort into the e-zone!

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