BACK TO THE FUTURE – or – I love the international date line.
My IIDX controller arrived in Alaska even before it was shipped out from Hong Kong. It went BACK IN TIME!

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Yeah, I used that “sexy free shipping” to pre-order 8th Style CS. It shipped out last Thursday and… well, who knows when it’ll actually get here. When I preordered I thought “I couldn’t care less about a few extra days in shipping”. Those extra days turned out to be extra weeks though. :/

Same. Did you get Global Priority shipping?
Every day I’m like “okay, now it’s definitely coming today, everyone already got theirs…” but nope. I’ll give it until Monday, and then I’ll REALLY… wait until Tuesday.

I pre-ordered, it debited my paypal account, then last Thursday I got an email saying that it shipped out and that I can check its status using a form… which I can’t, actually, because I got the very cheapest shipping, which I had no choice in so doing. So uh, yeah, I’m in the same boat as you.

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