What is there to be thankful for? [Really angry political spiel here! Blah blah blah!] But seriously. Thx u guys u r gr8.
Completely off-topic of today, I was talking with my mom today which sorta made me realize that I sometimes come off as one-sided. And it sorta made my mind wander… one thing I want to know, is what you guys think is WRONG with me. Not what you think of me, like how much you love me and how perfect I am, but my SHORTCOMINGS and ANNOYING TRAITS. I’ve got to have some!
So, please comment with nothing but bad, yet honest, things about me. For me, it’s a way to improve. I have to know what to improve. Anonymous comments are screened.


  1. J00 suck, Jeffrey, we all hate you.
    No, really. In real life you tend to get carried away with explaining things – but I think that’s a trait that’s inherent in all men, to talk about something they love with no end in sight. Yup. Feel free to tell me stuff truthfully to the max as well.

      1. I love this comment because I remember living on Capitol Hill, the neighborhood behind the US Capitol, and finding myself in conversations with some other earnest and opinionated dork and realizing, “Ahh…here we have two people who never learned how to end a conversation. Uh…hmmm…I must figure this out before we’re two skeletons leaning against the wrought iron fence…”
        Thats leads to 45 minutes of, “I really have to go, but…to elaborate on your comment…etc…”
        Bottom line, though, people I respect for pulling their own strings in a high school environment (and who does that?) seem to look up to you. So be careful what you atttempt to change because, you know, it’s all kind of wired together. Your edge is part of your honesty. Your single-mindedness is part of your passion about life. And a mom who promotes her son’s cartooning on sounds like a pretty proud and satisfied mom…who probably knows a little ego/confidence is integral to the package.
        I also suspect that your comfort with yourself makes other people feel at ease. Hence their reluctance to tell you how to act; they like most that you don’t seem to be acting at all.

  2. You have an EGO, and when the time comes for commentary and decision-making you KNOW what’s RIGHT and what’s WRONG. But you’re pretty nice about it(unlike my older brother, who will have his way or nothing) so it’s not really that bad, just annoying at times and amusing at others. It’s what keeps you poasting 🙂

  3. You get pretty arrogant at times. But I’m sure you know about that one–you have for years.
    The only thing that irks me is your passive-aggressive attitude. You’ve got an excellent way of veiling insults and the like, and you’ve pretty much mastered the art of “saying bad things without looking bad, myself”. That may not be a shortcoming as a virtue in itself, but it annoys me 😛

  4. definetly your arrogance. it’s something I noticed up till you left high school, and I’m sure you’ve changed with the years of college experience. you often spoke your mind about stuff, which in some cases was appropriate and in others it was uncalled for. you’re a talented individual, but one without modesty, which makes you come off as an asshole from time to time.

  5. I honestly haven’t noticed the arrogance part to where it’s blatantly obvious, but, I’ve noticed at times that you can be really impatient.
    The biggest thing I notice about you is that you can have generally little to no concern about the distress of others.

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