I modded my PS2



  1. Glad to see that everything worked out great. The first time I installed a flip-top, my PS2 screeched and moaned and made very loud noises while simultaneously refusing to read any discs after powering on. Turns out that the fliptop was defective! But that’s neither here nor there. Good luck with all the IIDX-ing, or what have you.

    1. Actually, my installation isn’t completely perfect, too. Sometimes the discs click, etc. Seems that it’s because the top isn’t completely secured on right, or sometimes the little plastic circle bit doesn’t cover the CD correctly… either way, with a little jiggling, it tends to work.
      ………….and I don’t get IIDX 8th for another few days…
      ……………………….and who knows when my IIDX controller will actually ship. :\

      1. Yeah, mine makes noises for… some reason. So I’ve developed a method for loading discs that usually removes said noise. It might not work for you, but what I tend to do is load any NTSC/US discs through the tray as normal. When swapping in discs, however, lower the fliptop to just above where it clicks in (it should be less than level with the top of your PS2), then press X to get the disc a-spinning, and, after a second, quickly lower the top so that it clicks and is completely level with the top of the PS2. This method works best from my experience, but it might differ based on model and installation. Lemme know if it works/causes your PS2 to burst into flames.

  2. You’ve RUINED it!
    If you really want a flip top, you just have ought the PSTwo. 🙂
    It’s an inferior format, but when it comes to PS2, I prefer it anyway, since Sony products are about as sturdy as tin cans.

    1. Uh… the flip-top is a way of circumventing the fact that the PS2 sends a signal every time the CD tray is out. This way, it doesn’t check to see what region the disc is, because it was tricked into thinking it was the previous, USA region disc.
      Also, this is much much cheaper than getting a PSTwo.

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