Songo wongo flango jango

Theme to 忍者シェフあやか (BM Version)
Call me a major poseur for being all Japanese, but the idea of “Ninja Chef Ayaka” isn’t my doing! I decided to do a remake of my old MIDI that I originally made for the creator so I could turn it into a BMS (hence the “BM Version”… BMS coming when I’m done chopping the file up and whatnot). I’m thinking of submitting the BMS to whatever kind of contest DDRei has coming up, but in the meantime, enjoy my attempt to imitate Y&Co. to the umpteenth degree.
Thanks again to Beau for equalizing help, and Lysette for my nitpicks for the kana in the title.


          1. you just had to be hurtful, didn’t you? now i’m so gonna cry. watch me. i’m crying.
            /pretends to cry
            /checks to see if you’re looking
            /really pours on the fake crying

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