A meh bleh

I woke up way too early for move-in day, but that’s my fault. I told my dad to wake me up when he gets up, no matter what. I wanted to be up for a while to make sure everything was packed… but unfortunately, I spent most of the night alternating between dreaming and waking up about the same thing.
Most of my dreams consisted of not being able to get everything into the trunk of my mom’s truck, and having to leave the computer behind or something. Couldn’t sleep well. Heh, I’m so lame.
So now I’m on the old computer, just waiting for my mom to drop by so we can make the trek down to Santa Cruz. Oh I didn’t mention that, did I. I’m going back to UC Santa Cruz today. Heh.
I’m also pretty nervous about starting my job tomorrow – yes, I’m doing it remotely from my dorm. I’m going to be oriented over the phone. I don’t know if they have the correct contact method or if I’m going to have to reschedule the orientation or BLAH. I’m sure everything will work out, but it’s all still pretty stressful.
…hey, Usher is wearing a bunch of rubber bands around his wrist on the cover of this Vanity Fair fashion magazine supplement. I’ve got rubber bands! I’ll be the trendiest guy around! Look out, ladies!


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