Tomorrow’s April 20th.
April 20th at PORTER COLLEGE.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit.


    1. yes… most of them are neo-nazis, but 98% of all the people that go to drake are stoners.
      we are the biggest stoner highschool in marin county.

      1. WOOO
        Go pirates!!
        hell even our own school newspaper said so, we had like 20 more suspensions for drugs than any other school. and i think 2 of the 3 expulsions XD

  1. well, of course i dont go there, but SR high school invented 420. maybe theyre just good at not getting cought or something yeah, but theres stoners everywhere
    you know the weather reporters are saying: there was a dull haze over the continental united states today, some blame el nino, but most simply state “dude, its 420”

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