Post a comment of me in the memories. It can want anything you be.
Then journal this to your post and remember what people see of you.
You get the idea, I’m just being hilarious. This goes for internet people too. Like, where you met me… on the internet. and what I was doing. oh gad.


  1. I used to idolize you (moreso than I do now) because you did MIDI arrangements of game tunes. I went through a six month period of thinking I was hot shit because I took pre-made MIDIs and changed the percussion track, lowered or raised a couple octaves, and changed instruments. Then I found the stuff that you’d done and realized how much actually went into making the things to begin with.
    I don’t remember how I actually started talking to you with any regularity.

  2. I don’t know when we met, I think it was because you were making Bootleg RPG World shirts. I didn’t start talking to you until you bitched me out on the Midgard page. Even though you are at most times a dick to me for no real reason I genuinely respect your talent. I will never say anything that gay again so savor this moment. I like to believe that you are my friendly nemesis.

  3. I first met you in an online chatroom (#rpgcomics) on an IRC network. You seemed to be pretty cool and with things. You were interested in things I was so huzzah, I occasionally talked to you. And now I’m totally like commenting in your journal omg.

  4. Mr. Wyman’s class, Miller Creek Middle School, lunch time. You and James were always going to Cosmo Canyon at lunch. I started reading your journal (stalker) back when your website was “Mario is Stoned”, leaving the occasional comment. I didn’t actually start talking to you until high school, in the DDR club. Then there was Gustin’s math class, where we copied off Darren all the time. I still envy your MIDI composing ability.

  5. i remember when we were watching the hulk for the lj party, and you were hella heated about how they were using that transplants song (guns and diamonds) in a shampoo commerical.
    i agreed in frenzy…agreement.

  6. The first thing that came to mind was a time you drove me home after a date. You told me I was pretty, and kissed me, and walked me to the door. It was the sweetest, most chivalrous date I’ve been on. 🙂

  7. before i come off as a jerk that was my 2nd to first memory of you until a couple weeks ago when we realized we met before then, and then it was like that part in Clerks the animated series where the flower pot falls and Dante says “why are we walking like this?”

  8. 3rd grade?
    yes, it must have been third grade. you drew sonic the hedgehog, had a genesis, and that’s all that mattered. can you still draw sonic? yeah, you drew sonic good, but you were always too cool to play helicopters in space with simbo, jeff and I. oh well.

    1. Re: 3rd grade?
      Yeah, I always thought you guys were totally wack for pretending you were Starship Enterprises and I wouldn’t partake in your silly games, although I always followed you around while you were doing it. The episode of Video Game H.Q. where Simeon and Jeff appear and Sonic and all the other characters go crazy is one of the best ones; I still have it.

      1. Re: 3rd grade?
        I almost remember video game H.Q. that was the comic that you were drawing around that time, right? I have to see it if you still have it

        1. Re: 3rd grade?
          Yeah, I do; it’s in a filing cabinet back at home with a bunch of my other cartoons. I’ll definitely scan it when I get home, it’ll be such a nostalgia trip.

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