Internet Language Update #3

I know that emoticons and such aren’t even considered “language” and have been around on Usenet groups since the early 80’s… but I’m torn between restricting the use of “<3" or not. I mean yeah, it's a heart, but it's only been recently that it's used after every single sentence…
Give me your thoughts. Should <3 be thrown into the abyss of phrases such as "omg wtf cakes" and "!!!1one"?


    1. Your comment is the exact sort of thing I’m talking about.
      And I can make fun of you because your LJ icon is meant to be dramatic because it has a funky-shaped pixel border.

      1. Go ahead. I picked it off some avatar site because it looked cool. If you want to be analytical and find meaning and symbolism where none exists; be my guest. We all know that your icons are the epitome of creativity.
        If you think my comment is what you’re talking about, then you apparently didn’t get meaning where it did exist. Poor Jeff =(

  1. <3
    i think it should get to stay, it’s cuter and more casual than love. but, if one becomes addicted to the ” <3 " (as in, it does show up everywhere) then there definetly should be an intervention. I'd rank it more with " 🙂 " than "omg, etc"

  2. Nah. I think the people who use them obssesivly and excessivly should be thrown into the abyss of phrases.
    The heart is okay, but only in moderation. Much like cocaine, oregano, and babies.

  3. Keep it.
    Used as a verb in real life by girls and gays, “heart” has become a trendy, annoying-as-fuck phrase…but as an emoticon, it rivals “:o” for my favorite “lazy-but-fun” answer.
    And besides, I just assume you hate anything besides proper English and “:o” when I talk to you, so how is this “update” going to change anything?

  4. Begin tag, 3.
    Personally I’m all for keeping them! As long as used responsibly and only as needed (hopefully not every sentence…and if they do, I’m likely go into a diabetic coma from the sugary happiness…), I don’t have any problem with it. I’ve never actually had any problem with it to start off. …now if you want me to rant about “roflmao”….

  5. So that’s what that thing is! And all this time I thought it was some post-feminist suggestion of boobies. Hrm. Supposed to be a heart, eh? Doesn’t even come close to looking like one, and as such horribly offends my aesthetic sensibilities. Kick it to the curb.
    Er, by the way, found your journal by accident bored at work one day and trying to catch up on “Car” when I discovered that it had disappeared. Is it back now?

    1. Amen. Though I think James is right,and Jeffrey doesn’t like anything but true english.Well,he may have “outgrown” it (fancy college boy) but damn,I’ll still use stupid internet shit,’cause I am lazy. Lol. Lmao. Hey,at least I dont use “a/s/l” or “jk” anymore.

      1. You used to use a/s/l aahlahlalhal.
        Also, keep in mind that I’m jesting about this whole internet language thing. Right, as if good English will ever meet the Internet’s progress.

  6. I hate those fucking hearts with a passion almost equivalent to that of mine for bubble wrap.
    Abolish them.
    <3 is stupid and doesn't deserve to exist on the face of this planet.
    it’s a waste of precious oxygen.

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