500th Entry

I just finished posting my old blog’s entries that were almost lost when Oktagone disappeared. They finally returned all of my stuff, but they lost anything I posted after November of last year. Fortunately, I really haven’t uploaded anything of much worth since then. I think I might have lost a MIDI, but if I look hard enough, it should be on my computer.
And having posted everything onto LiveJournal brings me up to this, my 500th entry. I guess I should say something about the past four years that I’ve kept this journal…
I don’t have much to lose, speaking materialistically. I have my computer, I have an old collection of video game magazines that I could care less about, I have my car. They’re all replaceable. One thing I can’t replace, though, is this journal – which is why I was rather distressed when I heard that Oktagone lost all of my stuff – I thought that almost three years of writings were lost. But now I have everything in one place – hopefully LiveJournal is reliable enough not to lose any of my sentimentality – and it’s pretty amazing to look back on my progression through high school and into college.
Overall, I don’t think I’ve changed too much. I certainly have learned a lot, but if I had the ability to meet myself from four years ago, I’d tell myself that I was on the right track. I can’t point out any major phases, crazes, or mentalities I fell into over the years. All I see when I look back is my steady progression through the years.
Now that I’ve completely migrated to LiveJournal, complete with a paid account and a friends list of over 150 people with whom I actively keep up, I hope this fact doesn’t stop my blog from maintaining its originality, its humor, and its overall value in presenting me as a voice.
Go back and read a few entries from over the years. At least to me, it’s quite entertaining, and, of course, very nostalgic.


    1. Ooh, interesting proposal. I’ll be returning to Santa Cruz on Sunday, and although I might have to get ready for classes ‘n such, it’d be awesome for you to stop by. AIM me up or something.

      1. I’m going to be with a pahty, it was just a passing thought that I might be down there and see you. I just wanted to warn you because if you saw me and didn’t expect it, it might lead you to think there are still clones that you didn’t get in that first raid on the lab.

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