Free file hosting.

By the way, for anyone reading this, I have a about a gig of free space now, and I can hook you up with free image/file hosting for LiveJournal-related stuff… or other stuff if you need it. might just be a file storage area for the time being until I really get to see if all my stuff is gone or not.


    1. You can store photos, music, other sorts of stuff that you could link to from your LiveJournal. Or you could put homework and other important documents on my site and download them from somewhere else later. I can show you some other examples and how to do it if you’d like. Just AIM me up.

  1. yea I tried logging in to the FTP server yesterday,I forgot you needed to re-set it up. if you remember my password (not hard to remember) please set it up again with username ddrmallrat. if not,talk to me. talk to me wither way. even though your sans-hair

  2. I have like, one song that I need to get to mp3 form if you feel like hostang it. I don’t know how I’d get it to you, but I’ve got it on CD if you can get mail at college. Which I imagine you can.

  3. Is this still up for grabs? Because I’d love a little space if it is. Should I just AIM you (I’m roastedfiggin whom may or may not be one your list)

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