Yin Yang

What I’ve noticed since I switched roommates (yes, I did) is that while my old roommate paid me no attention at all, my new one pays me way, waaaaaay too much.


  1. I have an idea…
    Start asking him what he’s been up to during his day before it’s noon, then check in with him (especially if he has a cellular phone) every few hours as if you were a jealous girlfriend.  Never, ever go to sleep before he does (just for now) and continually offer to talk with him about his day when it’s very, very late at night.
    Try to explore the most insignificant details of the things he tells you, as if they had a deeper meaning.  Ask him questions about his past, what he hopes to accomplish in the future, and if there’s ANY way that you could POSSIBLY help him.  Best of all, however… change the tone of your voice when you speak to him.  Make it smoother and more sensual.  😉
    If all goes well, he’ll be scared shitless of having you in the room with him… and he’ll leave you alone quite effectively.  If not, you’ll have a new boyfriend.  *cackle*  Either way, I hope you try it… and I’d love to get the scoop on what happens.  Mwahaha!
    – Chris

    1. Re: I have an idea…
      HAHA, that’d probably work WONDERS. But I fear that the latter result might occur. 😐 I think I’ll leave him alone until finals are over. 😛

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