Porter Core Final Project

I’m FINALLY done with my animation and I have free time again. No more staying up until 7:30AM trying to finish it. Although I only did that once. Last night. Now it’s time for FFXI my other finals.
I did this for my core class at UC Santa Cruz. The description follows. Enjoy.
Jeffrey’s Encounter With Art
Jeffrey Faden
My final project is a 4-minute animation done in Macromedia Flash. I had my friends provide the voices, and I did all of the art, animation, writing, and otherwise directing. It took me about 72 hours of straight work (and about 200 mg of caffeine) to complete this project.
My intent in making this animation is to show that one’s identity isn’t necessarily so enigmatic that it has to be conveyed through an obscure art form that often makes no sense. What I’ve seen from past personal experience is that some people try to pass off quickly-made collages or marker drawings as something deeper than it actually is.
To further prove this point, this project required the most effort I’ve ever into any project. It’s not meant to strengthen my ego in saying that all this hard work is much more important and meaningful than others that might not have taken as much time, but it’s the fact that the form is animation, which I love doing, and that it conveys my identity by showing that I am passionate about what I like.
Another important aspect is the concept of humor in my work. I was originally planning on making something very different that would attempt to make people reflect deeply on it, but decided to pass that up for something that would be more enjoyable for me to make and for people to watch. And my humor is also a part of me, as I’ve written comics for years.
While this project might come off as a cartoon that ridicules the work of other people, it should also inspire thought into what the art world is comprised of, and it should show that perceptions of works of art can be extremely skewed based on the viewer.


  1. and you amused all who watched it. serously. i’ve shown it to 4 other pepole and they were all amused. and thought you had comic genius.
    and I was amused at the mental picture of catron-as-goth. *snark*

  2. Holy crap, you’re really talented 🙂 Good job *gives preverbial pat-on-the-back* I can’t beleive that is your core final project, Porter is pretty darn cool.

  3. sugoi sugoi~ great piece!
    It’s really cool that you did something that takes so long, in spite of how much work it requires.
    I don’t think it ridicules the “work” of other people as such because the artists who DO try to fake out teachers for a good grade all know that’s what they’re doing. (heh heh, I’d even say everybody at art school does it once or twice… an assignment you don’t really like. You just kinda pull something out of your [closet] the night before…^^)
    anyway, yesh, good show– rock teh anim8ed vectorz yo

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