Almost everyone I know has a really bad relationship with their parents. This, of course, is coming from a late adolescent, who’s gone and staked his ground as an independent human being, and has fully undergone the process of detaching himself from his parents. (Besides being financially and residentially self-supportive. Shut UP.) I know that a lot of other people I know are still going through that mid-adolescent stage, where they must detach themselves and rebel to gain identity. But sometimes even phases and stages shouldn’t affect a few hard facts.
What I’m getting at is, overall, all I hear and all that people ever respond to through blogs is negativity. Parents are a very good example of what people will go on and on about – how their dad won’t let them go to this, or their mom won’t stop nagging them about that, or whatever. What I want to hear is someone coming out and saying that they’re very thankful for what their parents are allowing them to do. Maybe even if the negatives outweigh the positive.
I’ll give, say, me for example. I am a good example of someone who completely understands and respects my parents. They let me do what I want because we both see my activities as having more positive values than negative, and we both understand that any misgivings that I create will result in discipline. But both parties know our boundaries and freedoms. I’m thankful that there’s an understanding.
For almost all of my other friends, I know that you have lots of communication problems with your parents. But I’m tired of hearing of nothing good that these people provide. Even if you hate them with a burning passion, take a minute out of your life and strain really hard to find some positive traits. Sure, it might be hard, but you’re ALIVE for instance, right?
What I’m saying is one-sided and egotistical as always. Of course. It’s goody-goody and heightens me to a position where lots of others do not lie. But maybe that’s because I view things in a different light. I know Thanksgiving is over, but still, from time to time, try to challenge your own ideas and see if you can’t be a little more grateful for what you have.
Honk (comment) if you actually do love your parents.


  1. okay…this is the last time i’ll comment for the night…
    note: i wrote this a few days ago…
    -spent the majority of my day with my dad…i love him so much and if i can be anything like him as a parent or as a person, i’ll feel like i’ve truly accomplished something in my life. he’s simply increadible and i have the utmost respect and admiration for him. i can’t even tell you how much he means to me. all i have to say is that someday, there’ll be a guy in my life who has to live up to quite a man.

  2. *fonk*
    sure,I love them. The big problem with my Dad is were too alike. We bith always have to be right,always have to have the last word. He loses his temper easily though. But every once and a blue moon hell do something to show that he loves me. Although sometimes that just doesnt do it.

  3. I <3 my parents because they know about Annie and I and they don't hate me and stab me with a fork at the dinner table (true story about a guy a guy I know knows). My mom is sometimes a bit overprotective but my dad makes up for it by being too laid back. Luckily they still both live together(unlike most people it seems these days). Then again, my parents never actually got legally married… *shrug* They're great and they let me do a lot of what I want- they don't reward me for being good like some parents (ie no money for report cards and shite like that), but they don't really punish me much either (ie big lectures but no major punishments).

  4. this is kat
    That was a really cool post. I agree with you on that. It’s nice to read something that’s different from the usual stuff ppl post.
    This is Kat by the way, the girl from Justin’s party… well one of them.

  5. *honk*
    You’re right. There are tons of those days when it’s fun/reasonable/merely desirable and easy to blame all your life’s woes on the person(s) that brought you into this world… I know mom doesn’t make my life easy, but that’s not a parent’s “job,” is it? And while I find it weird I’d be willing to dish out a lot of time and money to see my mom happy, it does make sense in one of those calming “I’m not going to argue” ways. And while I’ve had some pretty tough fights with my dad, he’s still my dad, and therefore, cool.
    I’d say I’m pretty lucky to have both parents, even if they hate each other, I rarely see either of them, and we bicker a lot. So, *honk.*

  6. :: beep::
    as much as i sometimes don’t get alone with my parents, i do love them. they’ve done the best they can for me in every way, who could not at least appreciate that? and i love my mom’s love for like.. everything and everyone, and i love my dad’s intellect.
    go parents, whee!

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