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I’m bored and I just passed From GF&DM so I though I’d bring y’all up to speed with my current accomplishments in DDR Oni courses. Information about Oni courses can be found here and here. This list is sorted from easiest to hardest course, for me.
Courses I have passed:
Soul 6
Naoki Standard
Naoki feat. Paula Terry
From Solo
Naoki Platinum
Naoki Neo-Standard
Fine Choice
Club ver.
Be For U
Pop 8
Tempo Changer
Midnight Blue
Trip Five
Cool 7
From GF&DM
Love RevenG
Paranoia Brothers (MAX2)
Road of TaQ
World Tour
Courses that I have not passed but whose songs I have full-combo’d:
Naoki Premium
Kidou 2
Dancemania Oni
Happy Hardcore
RevenG New-Revenge
Road of 2MB
Courses that I have not passed and whose songs I have not full-combo’d:
Road of Slow
Truth Road
Paranoia Brothers (Extreme)
Legend Road


  1. What I have passed.
    Nearly=130 FC
    Soul 6 FC
    Naoki Standard FC
    Naoki feat. Paula Terry Never tried.
    From Solo 1 good
    Naoki Platinum Those damn Dynamite Rave Challenge steps.
    Naoki Neo-Standard I hate Memories.
    Fine Choice
    Club ver.
    Be For U FC
    Pop 8 FC
    Tempo Changer Only tried once.
    Midnight Blue Suckage.
    Trip Five Tried once.
    Cool 7 FC
    From IIDX Never tried.
    From GF&DM Destiny Lovers is hard!
    Love RevenG
    Paranoia Brothers (MAX2)
    Road of TaQ Electro Tuned > Me.
    Classic Never tried.
    World Tour
    Kidou 2 The first song makes me cry.
    Dancemania Oni
    Happy Hardcore FC
    Sorrow I fail on Lamor (or whatever the hell it is)
    RevenG New-Revenge Bag standard > Me
    Road of 2MB Gallops in Civ mix get the best of me.
    IIDX Boss Whole Course >Me
    Road of Slow Bag…
    Truth Road Uhh…I get past the second song then fail somewhere in there.
    Trick 300.
    Paranoia Brothers (Extreme) PS…
    Kidou No, but no 7th near to try anymore.
    Legend Road Ha…Hah…HAHAHA.NO.
    And that’s my suckage. I salute you Jeffy.

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