It's like rai-ee-aaaaaain

There was a power outage in my neighborhood from about 10:30am to now. The whole thing is pretty ironic, since I mentioned how boring it was here just before the power went out. Good thing I was really tired and slept through the whole thing – my dad, on the other hand, was not as lucky, as he had to code a program over the phone.
But now at least I’ll be able to pick up any messages that might have been left on AIM (since my UCSC computer is still on, and I use VNC) before I go out for the evening.
Oh, and my foot is slightly in pain since I sprained it the other day. I couldn’t walk yesterday, so it’s an improvement. Don’t think I’ll be playing that much DDR today. Maybe DMX and BMIII if we go to RTA…!


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