Oh yeah. I saw Return of the King with Conrad last night too. It was quite good. I guess this makes Lord of the Rings the best movie trilogy in history. What more can you want than Rotten Tomatoes ratings?!
FotR: 95%
TTT: 98%
RotK: 97%
Yes. For slightly more serious news, I have a question… it’s sorta like those survey things like “WOULD U HAEV SEX WTIH ME” and the like, but yeah, answer seriously. And answer whoever you are. Even if I’m on your friends list and you don’t know why.
What am I to you?
This isn’t a plea for compliments. In fact, it’s the contrary. I’ve duped myself into believing that I have no enemies and no one holds any grudges against me. If you can think of any negative traits at all, then by all means, tell me. I’m devoid of constructive criticism. Oh, and if all you can think of is good things, I guess that’d work too. 😛


  1. You’re Jeff. The bum who forgets to call me.
    All joking aside, you’re a funny Porter person who I can mooch scanner and tablet stuff off of. And do Flash animations that make me giggle.

  2. I’m glad you hold no grudges or enemies! Sometimes I get scared you don’t like me anymore because I did something or something at that you don’t want to talk to me anymore and when we do talk it’s spare so Iunno. But to me you’re that awesome JeffreyAtW who is as a kindered spirit and friend. Musically gifted, something that you shouldn’t neglect for too long, and a creative writer. You’re whoever you want to be as long as you make choices that support your chosen direction. That’s who you are to me.
    I’m excited about ROTK too! Haven’t seen it yet

  3. you’re that guy from DDR Freak who started a comic about the same time as me, na…
    ironically, although fleets of other DDRFreaks started hated me shortly after that, you seemed okay to accept that your art and my art can exist in the same universe without combusting so that’s a good thing. (then people confused us for some reason… started asking me questions about Let’s Dancing)
    speaking of which, your drawings look to me like a combination of Garfield and Sazae-san, which is great if it’s on purpose, na– oh yeah, and you knew about HNG last summer so that’s noteable.

  4. you are…
    funny, you give good advice, you’re entertaining and you’re nice
    bad things?
    I cant really think of any. You like yourself a lot, but I like people with high self esteem! I dunno why others dont. Yeah, I cant really think of anything

  5. you leave random comments on my journal that make me smile. you’re awesome at what you do…yeah, having your own comic is pretty damn cool, and you’re really sweet…and cute…er, um, did i just type that?! ::runs away quickly::

  6. You’re a genius…but you seem a little hard on other people. Although I don’t know you too well, your posts give me the impression that if you were to pass a judgment on me, it would be to the effect of “no personality” or “uses obscure art forms to seem more intellectually complex than actually is”. So, I guess my perception of your perception of others colors my perception of you. But you’re definitely a genius.

  7. You’re the geek I rememer from middle school who has actually grown up into a mature and kind individual. (Not that you were immature and mean before, I just didn’t know you that well.) I’m glad that I’m going to college with you, it’s like a second chance to connect with the types of people who are good to know in life because they make you better people and remind you who you really are. You’re ATW, the CAR creator, Starbucks-to-bus-stop ride giver, older brother, DDR dancin’ Jeff, and I’m glad to know you.

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