v6 updates

I updated my site’s design a tad.
I redid the buttons on the bottom for three reasons –
1) because it’s crisper in GIF
2) the old mouseover shadows were obnoxious
3) I had to, because adding two new items threw everything else off.
I removed CAR and Let’s Dancing from the button bar, and linked to them from my Comics page.
I finally took off the questions about MIDI requests from my MIDI page. Whoops. As of right now, the answer is no.
I added two sections, Art and DDR Sims. The Art section goes straight to my deviantART site, and the DDR Sims page has a bunch of StepMania files that I’ve done.
Now I’m debating whether I should remove my flag photomosaic and the Adventures of Paul Chun from my Misc page, since they’re in my dA gallery…


  1. Hey, just chanced across your journal in the ucsc listings. You have interesting stuff to say. It’s self reflexive and thoughtful without getting icky-emo. I like seeing that. 🙂

    1. Thank you. I am certainly anti-emo. I have LJ tests to prove it, but I don’t care to post them. 😛 I shall read your LJ as well, and perchance there shall be The Great Friend Exchange.

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