Oh shutup.

So guys. Lots of stuff’s happened guys.
At UCSC! I’ve established what could be called a core group of friends. They are Liz, Ron, Saku, and Oniko. As you can see, they’re all on deviantART. We hang out like always to the max in Liz and Saku’s room and play Dreamcast and Ron plays Soul Calibur and I play NESten and we all draw a whole lot. Really good times.
Back in my hall, I’m planning on moving next door. My new roommate will be Alex, who’s a big Star Trek fan, but it’s 100% better than rooming with Anthony The Brick, and Alex is a nice guy. It’ll be so much more tolerable.
For school, I’m making an animation which focuses on art, identity, etc. – it’s the objective of the assignment – but then again, it’s open-ended. It’ll be light-hearted and funny. And it’s got voice acting, too. It’ll feel a lot like CAR50, and you might even like it better, who knows.
Comp Sci and Calculus are going well, too. Work isn’t too much or too hard. The finals should be challenging yet not deadly.
So guys. Thanksgiving.
I arrived in Fremont along with Saku, Oniko, and Ron, and my dad picked me up from there. First night was spent DDRing with Bryan, and with Conrad, who’s all the button-mashing king of Soul Calibur 2. We then stopped off at James’s house, where he uh, wasn’t there, because he was dropping Allison off at home. And so we took some popcorn that his mom served us and stuffed it in an empty cream soda bottle and placed it on his bed as a present. Yeah, don’t ask.
Next day, I woke up Bryan, James, and Levi, and my sister, and we all headed to Rohnert Park for some Scandia! But me being smart, and the day being thanksgiving, Scandia was closed. But not to worry, there was a Q-Zar nearby – and it was closed too. So was the mall. Finally, it was back to Starbase, which was open, and then to some Jack in the Box. Which Lily and I shouldn’t have had, since right after that we headed back home to get ready for the Thanksgiving dinner.
We ate at Giorgio’s, a restaurant in Greenbrae. A good 5-course meal. Yeeup, good stuff.
Came back to enjoy my dad’s new digital cable, with HBO showing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and then Batman Forever. Tiring.
NEXT DAYYY. Headed to the mall, where I met up with the remaining TL crew – Brian, Terry, Sonia, etc., and we done gone did some DDRs. Andy and James were there, too. We found that a kid’s meal at Sbarro consists of a pizza slice, a drink, and a toy, but it costs less than the price of a pizza slice and a drink, for some reason. So… score.
Headed to temple with my mom, where I met up with Hannah! There’s a new rabbi at Rodef Sholom who’s young and down wit de kidz. This specific service was supposed to be for returning college students, so he invited us back to his office after the service (Hannah too), where we shared Hillel stories and had chips ‘n’ dip. BTW, I’m not in the Hillel at my college, but yeah, I could still say that not as many people know about Judaism at UCSC as I thought. Maybe YOU don’t even know I’m Jewish. Hmph!
After that, it was back to Starbase, where I saw 80’s, Jeff and Rob, and then Andy drove me (shock!) to RTA, along with another car full of peeps who I’ve mentioned. I didn’t see anyone there, but I got in a lot of BM3 and completed the (glitched) Naoki Premium course, where every song except the last one is on Standard difficulty. I’ll explain.
If you want to play an Oni course on an easier difficulty, try selecting it while you’re switching to it. That is, RIGHT when you select the course, the list of songs on the left switches – when it’s in the middle of switching, try selecting it, and you will most likely get the course with the difficulties thrown off. Sometimes, though, it might make things harder, so beware.
Yup. Andy took us to In ‘N’ Out on the way home, where… ah, dammit, I don’t even care to say it. Ask someone else about my new world-famous quote. Goddamn.
And today I went on a hike in Muir Woods with my mom and the Sierra Club. Very fun stuff, great surroundings, and quite strenuous. I liked it. Then we went for some Asian food and I ate a ball of wasabi… again. Don’t do it. You might be able to have your tongue dodge it, but your stomach will hate you.
And now Sophie’s returning home in an hour or two, so something’ll probably happen tonight as well. Awesomes.
So yeah, the vacation’s going good. Now it’s time to write some… college… stuff. Guys.


    1. Re: Sounds enjoyable
      Or not so secrectly!
      In DDR EXTREME, the list of songs on the left side of the Oni selection screen physically collapses and then regroups when you press the Left or Right selection buttons. If you want to select an easier version of NAOKI neo-Standard, for instance, you would scroll over the Dancemania course, then press Left, and right when the song list is TOTALLY collapsed, you’d press Confirm.
      A few precautions:
      It probably won’t work on my example since NAOKI neo-Standard starts with Standard songs.
      It only works about half of the time – I tried it with Road of TaQ yesterday and I got the actual course. (Beat it, though! :P)
      According to the guy who showed me, you might sometimes get the Oni steps instead of the Standard steps.

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