I’m home. Call me up. I’m free to do awesome stuff basically the whole weekend. 415-456-2946
My site’s back, mostly, except for the SQL backend, so I can’t post this there.
I’ve been doing a lot off awesome stuff since the last time I blogged. I should go, though, since my stepbrother’s in the room, sleeping, and this keyboard’s freakin’ loud.


    1. Oh yeah. My stepmom has a 30-year-old son who visits once a month for a weekend. He’s got Down’s Syndrome so he lives in a special home, but he’s here for all of the holidays.

  1. Hello there – saw your postings in the Penny Arcade syn group, and I must say that you earn auto cool points for the Arizona green tea in your icon. 🙂 Just a note to let you know I’ve added you – from what I’ve read you sound interesting and cool.

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