8 thoughts on “XP functionality + OSX look = ULTIMATE POWER”

  1. This is, perhaps, the saddest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Including the election of the terminator.
    Since when does XP have more functionality, as is suggested, than OSX?

    1. I never suggested that. :P
      Don’t want to get into OS wars, but for many-a-reason, I am an avid Windows user. But OSX’s graphical interface excites me so I went ahead and skinned Windows. It’s… so… nice.

  2. a big boo boo
    XP is like teh worst operating system ev4r. I dont want to rant but I have no choice. It has fat licensing issues that I could go on about for pages. Microsoft wont let you install it on more than one computer without buying additional licenses wtf? And it has microsoft spyware in it that sends personal information and crap to microsoft… but microsoft wont own up wo it even though it has been foundz0red. This is also true of W2k SP3 or higher. be fucking ware

    1. Re: a big boo boo
      You see, fair Levi, I am in the posession of Windows XP Professional, Corporate Edition – no activation required because the license is allowed on multiple computers, even ones on the same network.
      Additionally, if you keep your Windows system, regardless of version, up to date against security vulnerabilities, Microsoft installs “safeguards” that send information anyway.
      Believe me, I know my security. In other news, my dad is one of the head engineers of Trusted Solaris, Sun Microsystem’s security-focused version of their operating system. We’ve got it down, thanks.

      1. a bigger boo boo
        It must have been fun to say wrong in all caps, but you were kind of agreeing with me.
        Aha…. windows XP corperate edition…. well you should have said so, because that is a very different operating system. The licensing issue for corperate edition only applies on a corperate level, which obviously doesnt apply to you… becuase, y’know, its impossible to BE a corperation. But the amount of licenses you get for you corperate edition is a fixed amount, plus any extras that you pay for. On a corperate level it is the same bullshit that XP home or professional puts in the mouth of individual user’s. As far as activation, your computer activates goes running to old bill and activates its licence on its own, corperate or not. So yes, activation is required, and inevitable. “Even ones on the same network” is kind of an obvious statement because thats what corperate edition is made for.
        And on the topic of security. um… yeah, basically you hit my nail on the head with that one… you know, that nail that i already hit in my post? I know my security too, don’t you fret over that. My parents are security freaks too. XP is made with these safeguards already in it, but other OS, namely Windows2k (prefessional and all 3 server additions) only have the safeguards in SP3 or higher. Other security patches, for viruses and such, are free of these thankfully. Microsoft actualy does tell you about the safeguards it installs, and thier monotoring capabilities, its just that they rely on the attention span of most users (not us 1337 internet savy geniuses) to be too short to pay attention. Most people making corperate decisions dont know enough about operating systems to know what the problem is anyways.

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