Obey The Tube

If you don’t read the newsposts for Penny Arcade, you probably haven’t seen this work of awesomeness. It’s a mod of Jedi Knight 2, but what’s most amazing is the modeling jobs. That’s almost like Kingdom Hearts-quality conversion from 2D to 3D. Check the characters page. They’ve even got Fruit Fucker all 3D’d up. :o


Stepmania got rid of its Print Screen feature in the latest release, or something stupid like that. Now I can’t show off finally getting an AAA on MAX300, or the 100% on Road of 2MB. …woot.

Now that's just not right.

When Bush became president, I thought I’d be able to find comfort in California, where things just seemed different than in the rest of the country. You know, I thought there’d be sanity. Others moved to Canada.

But we sure done fucked up today, didn’t we? I hope that the UC system can afford dorms by the time Schwarzenegger is done with California, because Canada’s looking really really nice right now.


No, I don’t think I’m going to blog every day from now on, but it’s just because I actually have things to say.

Classes are great when they don’t happen until the afternoon, but that leads to a lot of slacking the previous day since you think you can get all your work done on the morning right before class… and eh, this essay’s coming along really well, but I’ve got to plan a bit better in the future.

Christie and I have much more in common than I even originally thought, and that makes me very happy. It’s so good to have someone like that to hang out with – and it’s not at all as if she’s a burden on any other social or academic engagements at all – in fact, she helps a lot with both, both in terms of mental and actual support.

Additionally, I think I’ll start doing this “additionally” thing at the end of every blog until I grow tired of it. Wow, that was fast. Goodbye, “additionally” thing.


This is directed toward a select few, but I’ll post it here instead so as not to sound like the ass that I really am:

Recent DDR accomplishments:
FC on Paranoia Brothers MAX2
FC on Midnight Blue
FC on Genom Screams Double Heavy

All at the Boardwalk, all in front of huge crowds – and the final one was done on the crappy pads inside the Casino Arcade after the rest of the Boardwalk shut down.

Additionally, Studio MX 2004 is SEX.


Windows got a virus I couldn’t delete so I had to reinstall it. Goodbye registration for all programs. Goodbye personal settings. Goodnight moon.

But at least I have XP Pro instead of XP Home now, thanks to Steven down the hall.

Additionally, Christie ROX MAH SOX.


Porter has a little pond in one of the quads for koi fish. They swim up to where you sit (probably wanting food) and you can pet them. It’s sorta relaxing.

Classes are mildly hectic. I’m enjoying Intro to Programming – I might soon reach a point where I don’t understand the material because it’s too complex, but as of now, I’m understanding everything.

The same goes for Calculus, only it’s not as enjoyable… and I’m pretty damn sure that I’ll stop understanding the material soon enough. :P

And my core writing class? Ugh. Not enjoyable. Just a lot of reading and writing about images and interpretations of said images and blah. At least we get to watch movie trailers and… analyze them.

But the best part about teh new lifestyle so far is my new very good friend Christie. We’re kickin’ it around the dorms every day and lovin’ every minute of it. We went grocery shopping yesterday and seeing as she gets a lot of money every month for allowance, she was a dear enough to buy me some cream soda for my fridge. Omgthanks.

But yeah, basically classes have started and things are hectic, but it’s no biggie. Just going about my day, right on schedule (my Pocket PC, that is)… yeeup.

I’m spending less time online (and more with Christie) so it’s hard to keep up with everyone’s LJs and comics, heheh. Stop being so expressive, everyone. It’s overwhelming.