v6 operational!

Yes, I know I’m obsessed with it, but that wacky drink in by buddy icon is the theme of my design. It’s nifty so check it out, yo. Oh, and feedback is cool, too.

BTW, what’s most awesomely about the design is that it’s basically comprised of one photo, with barely any editing at all. No filters were applied – the tannish background had a few details removed from it, and it was completely removed from the left side of the bottle for a less square effect – but besides that, even the shadow of the bottle is part of the design. Wooee.

11 thoughts on “ v6 operational!”

  1. Yet another obsession I just don’t get. It’s good tea but…dayum.
    Realll spiffy site design, though. One photo!
    I hope you’re happy that I’m reminded of you every time I drink that flavor. >=O

        1. Yeah, I took the picture with my friend’s camera – she took a lot of pictures in my room because her room is also devoid of sunlight.
          So yeah, Porter B333, stop by whenever you’d like. :)

  2. I like the new look– in fact it’s all spiffy except that I wish there were a few pixels padding on the text (just like 3 or so). Because now the text touches the edge of the bottle, it makes the bottle look stuck on top of your site, as opposed to the bottle being the base and the text fitting nicely next to it, na?

    1. Text touches the edge of the bottle? Eh, so much for cross-browser compatibility. In PC IE and Linux Mozilla, the text box should be pretty far away from the bottle… in other words, it should look like this. If it doesn’t, then I’ve got some more browser tests to run…

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