Trailer mirror

I’ve uploaded the new FF7: Advent Children movie trailer to my server. AIM me at JeffreyAtW if you haven’t seen it and you’d like to – I sorta want to keep it on the DL, though, so it goes off the net if my bandwidth jumps through the roof.
And how am I doing since I haven’t posted in a while? Awesomely.


  1. Jeff, this is Hard. I sent you a good quality version of the panel you were featured in twice, but we’ve had such bad luck with E-mail that I’m searching you out and posting it here just to make sure you got it.
    Here it is.

    1. Ah, I got it a while ago, sorry if I didn’t reply back – don’t remember if I did. The first time around, the email got diverted to the wrong place. But thanks.

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