Gawrsh, this week has been slow and not moving fast. A big “screw you” to everyone already in school. I’m so jealous.
I’m feeling better than I did a while ago, so yet again I can’t poop out a good helping of fresh squeezed angst, but today was sort of a downer. No real social contact whatsoever. It used to be like this a lot in previous years and I was totally fine with it, but things have changed around so much this summer that it’s not like me to spend entire days secluded anymore… even though my room is where I’m supposed to be making money doing web design.
Boys and girls, I didn’t think I’d ever say this in a blog, but here’s the awful truth: I need a girlfriend. No, really. My past views on relationships have gone down the tube ever since I found out that I was attractive and charming enough to find myself and a female partner in the veritable sack, as it were.
I thought I’d be emotionally crushed or something if a relationship didn’t work out. Yet then again, a strong lack of emotions was what prompted me to even find a girl in the first place, so what was I so afraid of? It’s true, it was more of an insecurity than it was an undesire.
So, for all you girlzors from UCSC that have added me to their friends list and talked to me over AIM and told me to “NEVER EVER HAVE MR. BIGGLESWORTH AS A PROFESSOR,” watch out, I’m single, and LOOKING.
…It’ll help take my mind off people at home.


  1. Yah..I’m also sick of waiting to go to school. Damn the Quarter system!! Can’t help ya with the UCSC girl thing..I know a girl going there, but trust me, you don’t want to date her.
    ..and I’m sure you can easily figure out who I am.

  2. being single sucks…it truly does…no matter how much people try to reassure that it doesn’t. odd that most of the people that do try to help in that way are dating…the cruel irony ::shakes fist in a fit of rage:: but yeah, give it some time. you haven’t even started school yet and by the time college rolls around, you’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the most increadible people 🙂
    *note: that wasn’t meant to sound nearly as cynical as it came out

  3. *accepts screw with pride*
    Hell hath frozen over.
    But hey, it shouldn’t be too hard for you when you get to college to meet some cool people, as long as you don’t stay inside like I am these days. Stay away from SM, it’s the devil. 😛
    Bonus points for using Almasy’s quote. =D

  4. Just warning you, I’m a complete stranger that randomly has added you to her friends list one simple reason.
    One, I’m amused that one of the faces on sexylosers is based on a real person, so out of sheer curiosity I came by to read up.
    If you’re horribly offended, tell me and I’ll go away.

      1. Congratulations! I raise a glass to your no longer being qualified for the role… though that makes your cameo all the more appropriate!
        Yeah, its coffee in that cup.

  5. Awww!!! **hugglez**
    I’m sorry you feel loney! But yeah… you ARE good looking, and are smart, and very nice and polite… you should have no trouble at all catching a girlfriend! Just amke sure she’s right for you and doesn’t break your heart though… or else I’ll have to hunt her down and break her neck. ^_~
    Sorry I couldn’t do anything with you this week either… I’ve been way too busy at work!!! Good luck, when does school start for ya?

    1. Re: Awww!!! **hugglez**
      Skewl stahts September 25. But I’m leaving on Tuesday, September 10, for the sierras, on an orientation trip with other UC students. So this weekend shall be my last. Perhaps I will see you at Starbase. Good times.

  6. don’t conform!
    hey, you don’t need a girlfriend! no one needs to be tied down by another person to feel themselves worthy of something. YOU ARE YOUR OWN PERSON. 😉 (*you are good enough, smart enough, and people like you.*)
    well, not that I know you or anything, but from the novel in your bio, i feel like I do… You seem like a cool guy. don’t jump in the sack with the first girl who says ‘yes’– you’re worth more than that– you are NOT a piece of meat. 😉

    1. Re: don’t conform!
      Ah, but that’s what I’ve been saying the whole summer, not to mention the past few years. I’m finally saying that I want a girlfriend, and the reason I wouldn’t say so before is just because everyone else has a girlfriend and they love boasting.
      I’m finally at the point where I feel as if I can pursue relationships without a feeling of guilt or pressure, and I feel as if I can devote time to a significant other.
      And believe me. Saying that I’m single and looking is a FAR cry from acting at all promiscuous. 😛 It’s all about making good choices, and I feel as the one I’ve made is a good one.
      Thanks, though, I totally understand and agree with what you’ve said.

  7. Wow!
    You need to get some more self respect man, that was such a pathetic piece of writing it made me feel good about myself. Ussually when I read LJ’s I start feeling pathetic because im indulging in living other’s lives vicariously, but damn man…buck up jeez…or at least put your ability to feel pathetic into some money making venture. 🙂

    1. Re: Wow!
      How was that pathetic? The fact that I’ve got enough self-esteem to actually be looking and open to relationships shows how I’m feeling realy proud about myself. I’ll save the money-making for actual talents of mine, though. 🙂

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