Okay. I was going to make a really big blog entry detailing each day of my wilderness orientation trip, but I’m having way too much fun here to spend any time doing that. Basically, we backpacked every day, went rock climbing, ascended heights of 11,000 feet above sea level, and bonded really well. It was fun and worthwhile. But now I’ve already made a lot of new friends and I’m so freaking hanging out with them all the time. ‘Tis quite great.
Just talk to me for more details, I guess. I can fill you in further if you would like.


  1. so…
    as often as i tell ppl i hate them out of jealousy, i honestly am pissed about you and james. not at, but about. im so fucking sick of highschool, its such a horrible way to live 4 years of my life. im looking forward to the college life, and im completely green with envy.

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