I live my life by one given: life is good.
It’s because I have nothing else to believe in. I’ve come to my own terms revolving around just that thing – there is no God, there is no need for hope, nor is there a need for fear, but you can still live your life to the fullest without these things.
If I were to throw this one rule away, I might as well end my life, as there seriously is no need for me to live it, besides offering my presence to other people and making them feel good about themselves and the world around them – and in turn, they do the same thing, making my life worthwhile.
But there’s as much reason to be nice to people as there is reason to be mean to people. Let’s say that you live by the rule, “MY life is good.” This way, you can better yourself by putting down other people, and it would not go against your morals. And of course you can still get friends by being mean to everyone. If you don’t believe me, look at any elementary school gang of bullies. The leader of the group is looked up to because he’s the meanest.
Let’s get into specifics, and by this I mean, taking random internet people’s everyday lives and putting them into philisophical perspective, or analyzing what thoughts probably do not go through their heads on an everyday basis.
How about “flamers,” or arrogant people who post on message boards and chatrooms and other internet media to say something mean just because they can. It gets out any frustration, it puts down others, and it gets them a lot of attention. There is nothing wrong with it, unless someone else’s morals are comprised.
My point is really obvious – there are moral differences with people who like being “mean” and people who like being “nice.” But since that really is the only difference, why is there anything wrong with being either of them? Just because I choose to be nice and not to inflict unnecessary pain on others doesn’t really mean I’m right.
*cue rambling about how nothing is really “right” anyway, although that’s the point*

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