The previous week is too hazy for me to blog about, or for anyone to really care about. But I’ll sum it up: I fell in love with Amelia.
This weekend, though, I didn’t get to see her. D: Did have a lot of funs, though.
On Thursday I slept over at Bryan‘s house with James and Adam. We all watched a copy of the Animatrix that I bought on his computer after fiddling around trying to find acceptable speakers. Gad it’s such a good collection. Get it if you don’t like the latest Matrix movie.
Friday was Great America day. It’s a theme park in the south SF bay. I drove there with pretty much no problem. When we arrived, we got on Top Gun. Since there were four of us and four to a row, we tried making YMCA signs for the camera, but Adam on the far left ended up doing an A, and James and Bryan sorta forgot. Then we got in line for Stealth. They shut the ride down for maintenance TWICE while we were in line. It took about an hour to ride the thing. I’m pretty sure we all pulled off a successful YMCA that time, but the photo both at the end of the ride was closed. Then we went on teh Drop Zone. I tried the generic “penny on my hand” thing where I try to see it float in front of me as we fall. Well, either we were falling faster than the force of gravity or the penny had one hell of a lot of air resistance, since it flew above us… and uh, I think it hit the core of the Drop Zone as we were falling. It would have been so great if it would get stuck in a gear and we’d be stuck near the top for a few hours, yessirree.
We tired of rides and instead did (yes, you guessed it) DDR. Across from the Drop Zone there are 3 DDR Extreme machines in a row. Bryan, James and I each put credits into each machine, and we chose the same song at the same time. In fact, the first time we did it we tried Synchronized Love (get it? HAHROHAHR) but uh… we sorta screwed up with the countdown, and James’s DDR machine with the volume turned way higher than the other two sorta threw us off. The next two times, we did Rhythm and Police and Ecstasy (where we switched between pauses :D) and that went really well. It looked cool and I’m sure we got at least ONE interested bystander.
Then we played Hiphopmania 2nd Mix and sucked a lot. But at least it was our first times playing Beatmania in the arcade, wooee.
After eating chili dogs, Bryan set off on his journey to finally meet Steven Wishnack. They said they’d meet each other at the AMC movie theater down the street. Well, down the street didn’t mean much to us, as we uh, DON’T LIVE IN THE AREA. So first we ended up walking across the street to what looked like a mall, but to our surprise, we instead found… FANIME. And gad, was I surprised, since I’d be going there the next day and I didn’t have any idea where it was. And it’s right across the street from Great America! Awesome.
Yes. Anyway. We drove around for almost an hour, trying to find an AMC, before my masculine shell cracked and we finally asked for directions. By the time we got there, it was already 2:30, and we later found out that the Hulk started at 1:50 – that was the movie that Steven saw. So as we waited around to find out if Steven had actually gone in the theater, I started talking about Steve, who is making me a new computer. And I talked a lot about how I don’t know if he’ll really complete it, etc., etc., making it a total of 2 Steves who were almost ruining our lives.
But that’s not all! As we returned to the parking lot of Great America, the guy at the toll booth (named Steven) told us that we couldn’t re-enter the lot a third time. That didn’t matter as we would be leaving shortly after anyway, but hey, it was a third Steve for the day.
We walked into Great America, took that stupid “boat down a waterfall” ride, got drenched, and left.
We RETURNED to the AMC movie theater, trying to catch Steven on his way out of the theater, but to no avail. We concluded that Steven is actually an 80-year-old man and that’s why we wouldn’t recognize him. As we waited to catch him, though, we saw a DDR Extreme machine past the ticket line in the theater, and the ticket taker didn’t let us play it. That’s dumb. You have to see a movie to play the games, and then you don’t want to spend your time before or after the movie in the theater lobby, so when does anyone get to play it?
So, we wrapped up our time in Santa Clara and started driving back home. Stupid enough, we decided to drive through San Francisco, during rush hour, on a Friday. I tried getting into the carpool lane, but even that got backed up. And because it got backed up rather abruptly, I rear-ended the guy in front of me. My first auto accident, I guess.
We traded addresses and phone numbers and stuff, and I’m in for paying a lot for his damaged bumper. Good thing I’ll be getting a job soon. But as we continued our trek deeper into the jungle, I nonchalantly glanced at the slip of paper on which the guy wrote his address… and his name was Steve. AUGH.
After more than an hour of waiting in traffic, we found ourselves in San Francisco, and after taking a few wrong turns, we arrived at Pier 39, where we got in an hour or two of DDR and Dance Maniax. And a sourdough bread bowl of clam chowder. And some vanilla cookies and cream fudge. Pier 39 rox.
And then I dropped everyone off and went to bed. And to think Bryan called Friday uneventful. Stupid Wishnack.
Fanime recap in next bloggo!

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