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Sure, I’ll blog about the weekend.
Michael Barenbaum, the senior rabbi of Temple Rodef Sholom, of which my family has been a community member for about 10 years now, retired on Friday. We went to a picnic dinner out in the field behind the temple’s school and got to say goodbye to him. But uh… we didn’t stick around for his last service, though. Family had things to do.
When I got home I spent about an hour working over the phone with my mom working on her website – I had put together a gallery to showcase a local artist’s work and unfortunately most of the image filenames had spaces in them. It was a tedious process of guiding her through programs she had never used before, but we got it done. It felt sorta good.
I had enough time to stop by the Oasis, where people were actually hanging out. Bryan took hold of the yearbook that I had just recieved and had some artistic prodigy from my school sign it (she drew a quick face and wrote “I Love You”). And then Adam signed it saying that he can’t wait for the next version of JeffreyAtW. Hooray.
Usual Starbase thingy afterwards. Chris was there. He is still awesome. Rob, another local DDR masta, was there with some friends. I couldn’t want anything more than to have these Friday nights continue into the summer. They’re oh-so-fun.
Which brings me to the other two days of the weekend! Most of it was spent studying, writing extra credit papers, and compiling portfolios of work I’ve done over the year. Jeff came over and we worked on filling out a list of English standards that we had completed over the year… it’s sorta dumb. The only thing that we have to do for the English final is complete that packet, and then just turn it in… I shouldn’t complain since we don’t have a big ol’ test, but I do wish my teacher would plan a little more for us that relates to English… like writing, for instance…
The main event, though: my first date with Amelia! I’ll stray from my usual enthusiastic adjective (amazing) and use this instead: astounding. Come to think of it, the date was short and sweet: we had originally planned on eating at an Italian restaurant a little while away and then driving into the city to see Bay Area Theater Sports, a local hilarious improv… but we ended up eating at Applebee’s in the mall and then walking across the mall to the movie theater, where we saw Finding Nemo. It’s a great film, by the way, despite what some critics might tell you about “unoriginality”…
Although that was pretty much the extent of our date I still loved it. It’s surprising that I’ve been putting stuff off like this – you really can’t say much bad about the dating scene and having someone to be loving and intimate with until you’ve tried it yourself – and even when you have, there still isn’t much bad to say about it 🙂
Jusqu’à la fois prochaine, c’est JeffreyAtW, dirant l’adieu.

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