Let's Dancing!

We’re hard at work on my next comic, titled Let’s Dancing. As I stated in my cheesy end of CAR announcement, this new strip will still have a punchline, yet it’ll be plot-based in the sense that things progress. I’ve tried to keep CAR away from continuity altogether, and I’ve done quite a nice job, if you ask me.

In fact, I have a little more to say about CAR before I get into the details of LD… I’m really proud about how it turned out. If you think about it, my CAR was a lot like Josh Lesnick’s CuteWendy, as it was easy and fun to make, and it was very lighthearted. I wouldn’t say that my Midgard was like Josh’s Wendy before he put that on hiatus, but we both just went from two tiring, long projects into something fun.

I never missed a day of CAR. I did run down to the deadline a lot of the time, but to me and many other webcartoonists, being on the internet and being ahead of schedule are oxymoronic. A comic starts to run downhill once the maker starts to not want to make it, and that’s when the comics take longer and often don’t get put up in time. I sense that if I continued CAR, I might start doing this. So I felt like ending it because of that.

Doing things in Flash is fun. In fact, LD will also be colored in Flash, since it’s just so easy. I always had a good time making comics for CAR, since so much stuff could easily be done with Flash. I never found the need to stop making or throw away a strip because it was too tedious or boring. The CAR comics are like my childrens. I love them all!

So just like Lesnick graded his pre-CuteWendy comics, I give CAR an A. Ha-ha! I’m so praud (sic) of myself.

As for Let’s Dancing – don’t worry that it’ll be a DDR comic. Yes, it will have DDR jokes. Yes, there will be lots of mentions of things that won’t make sense to people who have never played. But those who read from the beginning, just like all stories, will be able to understand everything. And even if not, people will get the gist of it. The characters are funny, the drawing style is fun, and it still retains a lot of the light-hearted feel that CAR has.

But the big announcement – I said that I’d only be making 2 LD comics a week, and while this is true, I have two more people working on the comic with me! Bryan Groza and Brad Griffin have both volunteered to help out and make the other half of the comics. They can both draw the characters really well and have (or will quickly have, in Brad’s case) a firm grasp of Flash, so this will equal out to a comic EVERY OTHER DAY. Isn’t that great?

Unlike CAR, where I thought of it the day before I started it, I have put a lot of thought into LD, and we’re already about 8 strips into it already. It’s easy to draw and color this sort of stuff, but I’m personally keeping this to one every 4 days for me, since I plan to continue this into college, and I plan to have much less free time while in college.

As for other stuff!

STAR testing is this week, for all schools. That means that the seniors don’t have to take them, therefore they don’t have to come to school until after lunch. That’s made my mornings very… easy. I’ll try to schedule all of my college classes for somewhere around noontime – it’s only recently occurred to me that waking up at 6:30 is ridiculous.

OMG Naoki Neo-Standard!
OMG Naoki Platinum!
OMG Love RevenG – FC’ed Orion.78 but failed at last few steps of exotic ethnic…

And World Tour is my latest challenge. I must kick Afronova’s ass. I used to easily be able to full combo it. Argh.

I’m “graduating” from Jew school on Friday!
Hannah’s being confirmed at Jew school the Friday after next!

Hannah’s birthday was fun, but you should read James’s blog about it, because all I did was put on an uncaring air and be really intentionally insulting to everyone. It was fun!

Oh, and you can get a preview of Let’s Dancing here.

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