Life has never been so tranquil

Nor has it been as hectic.

My SATs are over. I took two more SAT IIs on Saturday, Math IC and Literature, and I think I did pretty well in both of them. Math IC was much, much easier than Math IIC, which I got a 590/800 on. I hope to get a high 700, like I did on my Writing test. Literature was easier than it was on many of the practice tests, where I got a low 500. I expect that I’ll get somewhere around a low 600, and that’ll be good enough for me.

I played through the demo version of Wild Arms 3. The graphics are not up to par with anything by Squaresoft in the last two years, the combat system is the same old boring turn-based stuff, and the anime intro is not as good as the first two. The story’s great, though. I love anime westerns. Who doesn’t? I mean, look at Cowboy Bebop and Trigun.

Then I lifted a whole shitload of really heavy rocks.

Later, when I was attempting to get some progress with CAR done, and planning to go to San Francisco to see another improv show, my dad slammed my progress report down in front of me. I was more surprised than he. The reported grades:

Pre-Calc HP: C-
Physics: D-
Economics: D

The Pre-Calc I can understand, but ?!?! Physics and Economics? So far, those courses are a breeze to me!

There are a few explanations. One, I’m pretty sure that Physics grade is out of date. Our Physics teacher quit about a month ago, since she was completely awful and would stop the class and wait 5 minutes for everyone to become quiet – after they had already become quiet. When she left, our replacement, a much better, experienced teacher worked out a plan with our principal to let us make up any assignments that weren’t counted. I re-did the assignments that weren’t counted. This was in the duration of the past week. That means that my new grade, which clearly isn’t a D, was not included in the report.

Economics, I have NO idea. That’s GOT to be a mistake. I’m one of the best students in the class.

So now my parents are really mad at me and they don’t want me to do my website, of course. And they seem pretty serious. So I’m not sure about what’s going to be happening this week, but don’t be 100% sure that a CAR will be up every day. Monday’s is a good start, though…

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